2023: A Thank You To Our Team

Before we shut our doors for Christmas, we wanted to take the opportunity to individually thank our team for their hard work, dedication and generally being great people to work with. 

Cerys – your quiet determination on the St. Regis London, The Westbury project does not go unnoticed. Well done for also graduating your degree and being an award finalist. What a year!

Cinzia – your commitment to your work is admirable. Thank you also for your valuable contribution to our mental wellbeing and diversity and inclusion workstreams.

Dale – thank you for pushing us to do things better. Heading up numerous projects this year, you’re a voice of reason and a much loved and respected member of our team. 

Dean – we’ve had the joy of watching you grow and develop, becoming a senior team member this year. Your focus and passion shine through – we couldn’t have done this year without you.

Helen – you’re an invaluable and loyal member of our team. We deeply appreciate your ability to keep things moving smoothly and take new challenges in your stride. Thank you!

James – you’ve project managed one of our biggest ever projects and done it with a positive attitude and a smile. On top of that you’ve also become a Mental Health First Aider. Thank you!

Jo – you’ve not been with us long but we couldn’t be without you. You’ve challenged us to do things differently and your enthusiasm is inspiring.

John – we’ve seen you flourish as a senior member of our team this year and head up some pretty big projects. You’ve also been an amazing mentor for our junior team members and work experience students.

Joe – you’ve settled into the team and been integral to our London hotel projects. Thank you for your hard work this year.

Josh – you’re such a positive team member and always bring a wonderful energy to the studio. Thank you for your dedication across several projects. It’s a joy to work with you.

Kadri – you’ve thrown yourself into the St. Regis London, The Westbury project with enthusiasm and a big smile. Thank you for all you do.

Les – a loyal member of our team, you celebrated 25 years service in 2023! A year in which you’ve become a Mental Health First Aider and worked on some of our most complex projects. 

Liam – your work on one of our most complex and challenging projects has been exemplary. Thank you for being a consistent, calm and positive member of the team.

Ollie – you’ve not been in the team long but you’re already making such a positive impact. Thank you for your work on our biggest ever London project.

Nidhi – another new face in the team, you’re a delight to have in the team. Thank you for such a positive start.

Sef – our most recent team member, you’ve slotted in brilliantly. Thank you for already challenging us to improve.

Sophie – you’ve had quite the year! Amazing input across several projects, starting your masters, an award nomination and brilliant, quality work. Thank you.

Sunny – your work on the mobility zone and Piccadily projects has been very much appreciated. Congratulations for completing your studies and thank you for your workstream contributions.

Merry Christmas team,

Pete, Dave and Nik

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