Meet the team: Sunny Kochchat

Job title: Architectural Assistant.

When did you join Morrison Design? Summer 2022.

How did you get into architecture? I always had an interest in architecture and interiors – I was always designing growing up. My parents were very supportive – they’re stained-glass artists back home in Cyprus and I’ve been helping them since I was eight years old. They did the sketches then I traced and rendered them with the software.

What are you currently working on? I’m working on the Fischer Farms project which is fascinating – a state of the art vertical farming facility. I’m also working on a Mobility Zone which is part of a government research project. There’s lots of good ideas, it’s very interesting and I’m intrigued to see how it turns out.

Which project are you most proud of? The mobility project I’m currently working on – it’s a local project in our community promoting social interaction and environmentally friendly transportation. It’s really interesting and I’m proud to be a part of it.

What do you love most about your job? Continuous learning of new things and working in a team of happy people. It’s such a positive atmosphere here and there’s a smile on people’s faces 99% of the time.

What’s it like to work at Morrison Design? It’s a stellar place to work – extremely collaborative and supportive. From day one I’ve always been able to ask for help and there’s never any judgement. I always feel free to share what I think and explain what I need.

Why should clients choose to work with Morrison Design?
The collective skill base of the team, their knowledge of softwares, building regulations, construction details and tons more is pretty impressive. The Directors are amazing – they’re all very approachable which makes such a difference.

And just for fun…

Favourite building: Tower 25 by Jean Nouvel in my hometown of Nicosia, Cyprus. It incorporates plants on the façade which burst through the walls and change with the seasons.

Favourite food: Trahana with halloumi – a traditional Cypriot soup dish.

Favourite brand: Flying Tiger – it never disappoints! It’s fun, nostalgic and brings our inner child

Something you dislike: Cherry Coke.

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