Meet the team: John Robson

Job title: Senior Architectural Technician

When did you join Morrison Design? 2016.

How did you get into architecture? I always enjoyed technical drawing at school, it just developed from there.

What are you currently working on? Fischer Farms – an indoor, vertical farming facility in Norfolk.

Which project are you most proud of? I’m very proud of the Fischer Farms project – it’s been a complicated journey, managing the information and 3D models from each of the consultants and specialists involved. Every piece of equipment has been modelled and then inserted in to one geolocated master model.

What do you love most about your job? The people I work with. The old office was a good place to work but since moving to the new open plan office, it’s had a really positive effect on the team. And working with a decent group of people makes such a difference to your job.

What’s it like to work at Morrison Design? The types of projects I’ve worked on since I have been here have been quite varied which is good because each new project is a learning curve. The office itself is quite laid back with flexible working hours available when needed which has been a lifesaver through the coronavirus pandemic.  

Why should clients choose to work with Morrison Design? The company has been going for over 70 years now and we have a broad range of experience with clients such as Rolls Royce, Hilton Hotels and Derby University. And, of course, we’re a great team to work with!

And just for fun…

Favourite building: The Guggenheim Museum, New York

Favourite food: Anything Italian!

Favourite brand: Walkers!

Something you dislike: Apple (the brand)

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