We’re 75!

This year, we’re proudly celebrating 75 years of Morrison Design.

The practice, originally named Morrison and Partners Chartered Architects, was founded by Sam Morrison in 1948. George Grey and John Farmer joined Sam as partners and we had an office on Full Street, Derby.

Sam Morrison

The business quickly expanded and by the 1960s we moved to a new office on Belper Road, Derby. We specialised in schools, hospitals and housing and began working with Rolls-Royce – a client we still partner with today. 

A watercolour visual

By the 1970s Sam had retired and we had an office in Sydney, Australia. We started partnering with hotel and hospitality clients and branched out into the Middle East.

A Middle East hotel project

The 1980s saw us continue to gain experience in hotels and the business was incorporated and renamed Morrison Design Ltd by directors Nigel Walding, David Walding and David Hartland.

Previous Directors Nigel Walding, David Walding and David Hartland

In the 1990s we began our partnership with Hilton and Lubrizol – two clients we’re proud to still work with today. George Love was appointed Director in 1991.

Morley Hayes hotel

The 2000’s saw us begin our partnerships with local leisure complex Morley Hayes and hoteliers Crimson Hotels. We also began a mammoth 13 year project – the regeneration of Rolls-Royce which was completed in 2019.

Current Directors Nik Clarke, David Gardner and Peter Newman-Earp

In the 2010’s David Hartland retired and our three current Directors – Peter Newman-Earp, Nik Clarke and David Gardner – completed a management buyout.

Darley Abbey Mills

In recent years, we moved to our studio in Darley Abbey Mills – a modern, bright and open space – and began a new era for the business. 

“We’re incredibly proud to have such an impressive legacy here at Morrison Design and honoured to have the opportunity to continue it for many years to come. We’re committed to providing a positive and inspiring place for our team to work and we’re very excited about what the future holds for us.” 

Nik Clarke, Director
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