Morrison Design nearing completion on “world’s largest” vertical farm.

Morrison Design are the appointed architects and principal designers on what is set to be the World’s largest vertical farm in Norfolk.

The client, Fischer Farms, already operate one of the largest vertical farms in the UK, and the 4-acre site in Norfolk, will house 25,000 m2 of growing space – enough to supply 6.5 tonnes of leaf salad, leafy herbs and other fresh produce to UK supermarkets and other customers every day.

The ground-breaking farm will boast the latest vertical farming innovations and pioneering technology and will run on 100% renewable energy to significantly reduce its carbon footprint.

David Gardner, Director at Morrison Design, said: “Our expertise in manufacturing environments, including high tech laboratories and nuclear, has given us distinctive and specialist experience which fit perfectly with the requirements for this project.”

The project is due for completion in early summer 2022.

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