Morrison Design complete University of Derby Performance Analysis Suite.

The finishing touches are being added to The University of Derby’s state-of-the-art performance analysis suite, with Morrison Design the appointed architects.

The project involved a complete classroom refurbishment in the sports hall on Kedleston Road, with Morrison Design responsible for all aspects of the design from layout and signage to desks and décor.

Morrison Design’s 3D render

Morrison Design are particularly adept at visualising projects with their impressive in-house capabilities. The images illustrate the 3D render compared with the completed project, which give clients confidence in the vision for their spaces becoming reality.

David Gardner, Director at Morrison Design, said: “One of the many reasons clients choose to work with us time and time again is that we deliver on what we promise. Our team are incredibly talented at 3D rendering, and we ensure that vision is brought to life.”

University of Derby: Performance Analysis Suite

Morrison Design have collaborated with contractors Seddon Construction and Mechanical and Electrical Engineers Couch Perry Wilkes.

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