CPR Training with British Heart Foundation for Morrison Design.

Paula Scaife, BHF Fundraising Manager, and volunteer, Alan Thompson, joined the team at our studio last week to teach us lifesaving CPR.

Alan suffered a cardiac arrest whilst cycling with his brother along a rural Derbyshire lane. It was only thanks to the quick response of five people he had never met before that Alan was able to be saved.

Paula counting us in!

1 in 5 of us will witness a cardiac arrest in our lifetime and around 80% of them happen in the home. CPR training improves the chances of survival in the workplace and community by making sure everyone knows lifesaving CPR.

The team working hard

John Robson, Senior Architectural Technician at Morrison Design, said: “We’re supporting BHF as our charity of the year, so it felt right for the team to have the opportunity to take part in CPR training. I’d definitely encourage others to get in touch with BHF and complete the training. Huge thanks to Paula and Alan for joining us, it was so valuable.”

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