Job title: Director

When did you join Morrison Design? 2002.

How did you get into architecture? I’ve had an interest in drawing and buildings from an early age and because of that my parents encouraged me to consider architecture as a career. I went to college and then studied Building Studies and Architectural Technology at Sheffield Hallam University before joining Morrison Design on a work placement. I got offered a permanent position and progressed through the company resulting in a management buyout in 2019.

What are you currently working on? Numerous hotels across London including a 100+ bed hotel in Earl’s Court which is about to start construction, along with several other projects for the Hilton and Brown’s Hotel. Locally we have an ongoing project for Morley Hayes and a really interesting project on a Mobility Zone which is part of a government research project looking at how people gather, park, cycle and travel.

Which project are you most proud of? My very first hotel project in the mid-2000’s was for award-winning local hotel, golf and restaurant complex Morley Hayes. I’ll always remember this one and I’m proud to say they are still clients now. More recently the DoubleTree Hilton hotel in the West End of London really springs to mind. As with most of our London projects we were dealing with tight boundaries and strict planning restrictions but this one was particularly challenging, it was a really involved and complex project – I’m definitely proud of the result.

What do you love most about your job? One of the most rewarding parts of my job is watching team members develop and grow – many of them joined the business early in their careers and we still feel like a tight family business. That feeling of community is at the heart of our company and it’s a pleasure to have everyone back in the office. Day to day I love the close interaction we have with clients and that I get to see every stage of the project from initial concepts right through to completion.

What are your ambitions for Morrison Design? We aim to further establish our reputation as the ‘go to’ architects for hotels, science and technology and commercial sectors. We want to grow the business at a sustainable rate allowing us to retain the culture we have developed over time and put in place a structure which will support our future success.

Why should clients choose to work with Morrison Design? We’re an experienced team with tons of knowledge of our key sectors but we’re also a group of visionaries committed to creating mind-blowing spaces. We’re a hard-working team who are forward thinking and have a creative approach to problem solving.  All our projects are director led and the level of service we provide is something we really pride ourselves on. And of course, we’re all-round nice people to work with!

And just for fun…

Favourite building: The Standard Hotel in London is one of my favourites – I was lucky enough to stay last year and it lived up to expectations!

Favourite food: Fresh Sourdough from our local bakery Loaf in Crich, Derbyshire.

Favourite brand: The Level Collective are a great example of a company with a strong vision and values which I really admire.

Something you dislike: I can’t stand mustard