October 20, 2017

Regeneration of the Regency Hotel, London Kensington

“The DoubleTree by Hilton, London Kensington has been rebranded from The Regency Hotel London, and re-launched as a luxurious four star hotel”

Crimson Hotels – www.crimsonhotels.com/dtkensington/

A Brief History of The Regency Hotel

The existing building is made up of 7No.  5-storey Georgian town houses dating back to the 1850s. The terrace first became a hotel in the 1940s – a perfect business decision considering the potential of the properties and their prominent position within the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. The original extension and refurbishment works began during the 1970s and 80’s, when additional rooms were built on the back of the property where the original mews stood. During the rebuild of the rear facade, 2 additional floors were also added to the rear of the front houses.

The nature of the Georgian building and the piecemeal extensions over the years, have unfortunately led to inefficiency in design and poor space planning; leaving lots of tall ceilings and small rooms.

Regeneration – A Fresh Mind

Crimson Hotels saw the unique opportunity to buy the property in 2015 and the acquisition was consistent with their focus on hotels in prime locations. They employed Morrison Design as the lead architect, to undertake the complete regeneration, re-modelling and re-branding to turn the existing Rengency Hotel into the DoubleTree by Hilton, London Kensington.

We began with a fast turnaround ‘re-branding phase’ in order meet the brand standards of a functioning breakfast room and bar and to ensure no loss of trading. Once complete, we then began the remodelling process, which started with the refurbishment and rationalisation of the basement and ground floor levels.

We stripped back the floor plans and began with some fundamental zoning. This helped us explore how we intended the spaces to be used and the relationships between zones. Through rationalising and revisiting the space planning of the existing floor plans, we achieved more suitably sized and scaled spaces that were better connected. These included a relocated entrance lobby, reception and bar and a new social space, kitchen and fully functioning gym. The existing internal courtyard was also transformed to house a new staircase link, 2No. terraces, a new front office and a double height Orangery space. All of which was in addition to the achievement of 26No. well planned additional guest bedrooms – all within the existing envelope.

This regeneration strategy and design approach will be applied to achieve the same high quality refurbishment throughout the 7 levels above with a completion date of late 2018. We also hope to finish the scheme with a 20 room roof extension, subject to planning permission.

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October 5, 2017

A Visionary Basement Refurbishment Project at DoubleTree West End

A Visionary Ground Floor and Basement Refurbishment Project

The ground floor and basement refurbishment project for the DoubleTree by Hilton London West End, was a continuation and completion of the phase 1 works and part of the overall major hotel refurbishment plan.

Morrison Design created the brief for this job by pitching the project idea to the client for the conversion of the ground floor and basement meeting rooms to gain and additional 21 guest bedrooms. At Morrison Design, we believe that being visionary is vital for space creation in existing hotel buildings, and along with the ability to think three dimensionally and see space when it’s invisible, it definitely plays a big part in getting disproportionate value out of stubborn properties.

Perspective Basement Floor Plan As Existing

Basement Floor Plan As Existing

3D Basement Floor Plan As Proposed

Basement Floor Plan As Proposed

Our experience in hotel work over almost 70 years enables us to see things that other can’t, and this is proven throughout our hotel design portfolio.

New Guest Bedrooms at DoubleTree by Hilton London West End

New Guest Bedrooms at DoubleTree by Hilton London West End

New Guest Bathroom at DoubleTree by Hilton London West End

New Guest Bathroom at DoubleTree by Hilton London West End

Natural Light in Basement Rooms

Providing natural light to basement rooms is always a challenge. However, upon demolition of the basement walls, some existing window openings were uncovered. These were a perfect way to maximise natural daylight into the suburban spaces and so, were re-instated to serve as light-wells into the new guest-rooms.

In addition to these, we discovered some wasted void space adjacent to one of the stairwells. Realising the potential of this space, we broke it out to transform it into a generous external light-well. This was an excellent way of channelling natural daylight into the guest bedrooms below and it added another dimension to the building. The existing function room also received new openings and a balcony onto this transformed space.

Phase 1 works is due for completion mid October 2017 and the DoubleTree West End overall refurbishment is estimated for completion late 2018.

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September 25, 2017

Morrison Design as Architectural Consultants for new brand, Point A.

The project features a new build, 180 bedroom hotel in Shoreditch, London for Queensway Group Ltd. Morrison Design limited were employed as the client side Architectural consultant and checking agent, providing our guidance and expertise to oversee the delivery of the project.

Point A Shoreditch - External Photograph

External Photograph of Point A Hotel, Shoreditch London

A bit from Point A themselves

“People always ask us how we can offer such fantastic locations at such affordable prices. It’s quite simple; we give you everything you need, and nothing you don’t. So we keep our rooms small (but perfectly formed, of course)”.

“London, Shoreditch… What do the brilliant Brick Lane, Boxpark pop-up mall and some of London’s hippest hidden speakeasies have in common? They’re all moments from your Point A Hotel. The adventure awaits”.

Point A (2017) – https://www.pointahotels.com/our-hotels/shoreditch

Our Architectural Consultancy

Our mission to provide a harmony of design philosophy and extensive expertise in the hotel design and refurbishment business, has been applied through the process and delivery of the highest quality projects found throughout our portfolio.

The same application was evident throughout the Point A project.

Internal Photograph of Point A Hotel Lobby, Shoreditch London

Point A Hotel Lobby

Internal Photograph of Point A Hotel Lobby, Shoreditch London

Point A Hotel Lobby

Morrison Design were introduced as Architectural consultant  in 2015, and have undertaken all building inspections and quality control on the project to keep it in line with the timely on-site delivery and the achievement of the highest possible quality. Project completion, March 2017.

Photograph of the front entrance to Point A Hotel, Shoreditch. Internal Photograph of bedroom suite at Point A Hotel, Shoreditch.

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November 2, 2016

Morrison Design raise money for local disabled children


One of our Architectural Technologists here at Morrison Design, Anthony Page, will be running in the London Marathon, 2017, to raise vital funds for Newlife Foundation for Disabled Children. Anthony is a loyal employee and has worked for us for nearly 13 years. We have seen him run in several charity events in the past to raise money for Prostate Cancer UK, including; the Wilne 10K, The Ramathon 2015 and The Brighton Marathon 2015.

The funds Anthony aims to raise in time for the London Marathon next year will go to help many children in the county like Finley Cooper (front left, below) who was provided with a special powered wheelchair by Newlife. Finley, from Elvaston, was in need of an electric wheelchair as this was his only way to be mobile.

Morrison Design employee Anthony will run in the London marathon to raise money for Newlife foundation

Morrison Design runner, Anthony meets Finley and family.

Finley has spinal muscular atrophy type 2 which is a muscle wasting disorder. He was never able to stand, crawl or walk on his own – thanks to Newlife Finley is now able to get around by himself, move where he wants to and play in the garden with his little sister. He can now treasure doing things most people take for granted.

Anthony (front right, above) said: “I ran the marathon last year for prostate cancer so running is not new to me, however I decided to run for Newlife as I have recently become a dad myself. Not many realise the many challenges families face with disabled and terminally ill children, it’s such a worthy cause to run for and if I can help other children like Finley then running 42.3km is definitely worth it.”

Finley’s mum Charlotte Bestwick (top right, above) ran in this year’s London Marathon and raised an amazing £10,000 for children within the county.

Charlotte said: “Running the marathon was great I loved every minute of it – not that I will ever do it again. The main thing that kept me going was that people shouted out what I had written on my Newlife running vest, on the front I put my name ‘charlotte’ and on the back I put ‘Finley’s mum’ so every time someone shouted it out and cheered me on, it would keep me going. Knowing I was doing it for him and for all the people that had supported us by donating but most of all I was dedicated to help others that were in need like Finley.”

Newlife has already helped 359 families get specialist equipment totalling £320,771.  In response to growing demand, the charity launched its Newlife Derbyshire fund – http://www.newlifecharity.co.uk/Derbyshire – to give local people the opportunity to donate to children aged under 19 who need specialist equipment within the county.

All the staff at Morrison Design Limited are very proud of Anthony, and are thrilled to be supporting the Newlife Foundation and taking part in the biggest single day fundraising event in the world.

Anthony hopes to raise a total of £2500 for Newlife foundation. Donations can be made on the just-giving page below.


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October 13, 2016

Westbourne, Hyde Park Now Trading


The Westbourne, Hyde Park, London (formally known and referred to as the Royal Court Apartments) was a recently completed architectural refurbishment project designed and managed by Morrison Design Limited.

The proposals were to take the opportunity to enhance the quality and appeal of the property as a whole, and to increase the number of guest rooms in the Hotel from 78no. to 96no. It is to remain as an apart-hotel, with each guestroom having its own basic cooking facilities.  It is not proposed to create any additional floor space; instead, the increase in rooms is achieved through a reduction in the number of multiple room units and a rationalisation of the layout generally.

The project was a huge success and as of September 2016, the hotel began trading and is already operating at near to 100% occupancy. There is an additional phase including the works to the listed building element that is still ongoing and due for completion in December of this year.

Deluxe suite kitchen and living area at Westbourne, Hyde Park

View of the kitchen and living area in the Deluxe Suites at the Westbourne, Hyde Park.

Deluxe Suite Bedroom at Westbourne, Hyde Park

View of the bedroom in the Deluxe Suites at the Westbourne, Hyde Park.

Having established a relationship with the client, we are already busy discussing 2 other possible schemes, where we will be undertaking a full design and management role.

You can view more information about this hotel, and make bookings and other enquiries at their website below.



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